Aesop is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is the legendary writer of fables, who became worked as a bartender at Aesop's Tables. Aesop is portrayed by Thomas Cadrot.



Aesop tried to be a writer of his own stories, but all he could come up with were "talking animals". Eventually, he decided to go to the Land of Untold Stories, following unrequited love.

Season 6

Aesop owns Aesop's Tables, a bar in Storybrooke, when the Land of Untold Stories residents arrive with Hyde. Gideon ends up disguising himself as Aesop during a night shift, leaving Aesop's fate uncertain.


  • Unnamed woman (wife)*

Status: Unknown*

(*May not even exist.)


  • He is based on Aesop, the creator of Aesop's Fables.
  • It is unknown if Aesop even existed in Storybrooke, as he was impersonated by Gideon. Aesop's backstory may have merely been an invention designed to make Emma Swan shed tears so Gideon could use them.


  • S6, E15: "A Wondrous Place" (disguise)

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