Aladdin's Genie is a character mentioned on ABC's Once Upon a Time.



This genie and his lamp somehow came into contact with Aladdin, a "street rat" from Agrabah. Aladdin states that the genie he once knew had since been freed.

Season 6

Aladdin collects the uninhabited lamp of his "old pal" from Mr. Gold's pawnshop, and eventually takes his place as genie of the lamp in order to help Princess Jasmine.


  • None known (family)


  • He is based on the genie from the story Aladdin.
  • The reason Aladdin's genie does not appear is out of respect to Robin Williams, who voiced the Genie in the Disney film.


  • S6, E08: "I'll Be Your Mirror"
  • S6, E09: "Changelings"

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