Alexandra Herman is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is the daughter of Thomas and Cinderella.



After being granted access to the royal ball by making a deal with Rumplestiltskin, Cinderella meets Prince Thomas and they fall in love, before eventually getting married. Afterwards, Cinderella finds out that she's pregnant and Rumplestiltskin confronts her, saying that the price for getting her to the ball is going to be her newborn baby. Frightened of her child's fate, Cinderella tells Thomas of Rumplestiltskin's price, and they work with Snow White and Prince David, along with the dwarves and they construct a prison that will hold Rumplestiltskin, using magical squid ink to imprison him.

Season 1

In Storybrooke, after the first Dark Curse, Cinderella has been pregnant for 28 years. When the daughter of Snow and David, Emma Swan, arrives in Storybrooke and causes time to start moving again, she eventually goes into labor. Emma finds out that Rumplestiltskin, known as Mr. Gold in Storybrooke, has made a deal to give away her baby to another family and is willing to pay Cinderella. Emma stops Gold from pursuing Cinderella and her baby, by offering a deal of her own, telling him that she will owe him a favour if he leaves Cinderella's baby alone. Gold eventually agrees.

Season 4

Cinderella takes Alexandra to a playdate, along with Snow and her son Neal and Aurora and her son Phillip.


  • Alexandra is the daughter of the prince and princess from Cinderella.
  • Pursuing Cinderella's baby was most likely planned out in order to get Emma to owe Rumplestiltskin a favor. Emma completed her end of the bargain by reuniting Rumplestiltskin with his son, Baelfire.


  • S1, E04: "The Price of Gold"
  • S1, E12: "Skin Deep"

  • S4, E07: "The Snow Queen"

  • S6, E03: "The Other Shoe"

  • Bk 1: "Reawakened"