Alphonse Frankenstein is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by Gregory Itzin.



On Christmas Day, Alphonse celebrates the holiday with his sons, Viktor and Gerhardt. Alphonse gives Gerhardt his mother's pocketwatch, and gives Viktor a referral to the army as a physician. However, Viktor has no interest in joining the army, as he is busy with his experiments. Alphonse disapproves of Viktor's scientific experiments and decides to cut off the funding that supports Viktor's work. However, this does not sway Viktor, and he meets Rumplestiltskin, who gives him enough gold to continue. Viktor goes to the graveyard and starts grave-digging, where he is confronted by Gerhardt. They are caught by the graveyard sentry and Gerhardt is shot and killed, prompting Alphonse to claim that he has no sons. However, Viktor manages to use an enchanted heart from the Enchanted Forest to resurrect Gerhardt, and Alphonse is beyond pleased. Unfortunately, when Alphonse notices that Gerhardt is different to the man he used to be, Alphonse turns against Viktor and berates him, before shoving him. Confused and agitated at the conflict in front of him, Gerhardt attacks Alphonse and proceeds to beat his father to death.


  • Alphonse is based on Doctor Frankenstein's father from the story 'Frankenstein'.


  • S2, E12: "In the Name of the Brother" (flashback)