Bashful is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time, portrayed by Mig Macario.



Bashful is one of the seven dwarves who befriend Snow White, assisting her in the fight against Snow's stepmother, Queen Regina Mills. He, along with the other dwarves, is swept up by Regina's Dark Curse.

Season 1

Bashful, along with the other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, is taken to Storybrooke without memories of his previous life, until Snow's daughter Emma Swan breaks the curse, restoring everyone's memories.

Season 2

With the Dark Curse broken, Bashful and the others descend into the mine in an attempt to search for fairy dust.

Season 3

Peter Pan's curse takes them all back to the Enchanted Forest, only to be taken back to Storybrooke by Snow White when they are terrorized by Zelena. In Storybrooke, Bashful is bitten by a flying monkey and is turned into one of them, until Zelena is defeated.

Season 4

Bashful and the other dwarves, along with the entire population of Storybrooke, fall victim to the Snow Queen's Spell of Shattered Sight.

Season 5

Bashful and the other dwarves are briefly inflicted with the Mark of Charon, placed upon them by the multitude of Dark Ones that emerge from the Underworld. However, the Dark Ones' work is undone when they are defeated, and the dwarves are safe from being taken to the Underworld.

Alternate Universe

Bashful and the other dwarves work for Snow White.


Status: Alive


  • Bashful is based on one of the dwarves from the fairytale Snow White.


  • S1, E01: "Pilot" (flashback)
  • S1, E02: "The Thing You Love Most" (flashback)
  • S1, E09: "True North" (flashback)
  • S1, E10: "7:15 A.M." (flashback)
  • S1, E14: "Dreamy"
  • S1, E16: "Heart of Darkness" (flashback)
  • S1, E19: "The Return"
  • S1, E21: "An Apple Red As Blood"
  • S1, E22: "A Land Without Magic" (flashback)

  • S2, E01: "Broken"
  • S2, E02: "We Are Both"
  • S2, E04: "The Crocodile"
  • S2, E07: "Child of the Moon"
  • S2, E09: "Queen of Hearts"
  • S2, E10: "The Cricket Game"
  • S2, E11: "The Outsider"
  • S2, E13: "Tiny"
  • S2, E19: "Lacey"
  • S2, E22: "And Straight On 'Til Morning"

  • S3, E02: "Lost Girl" (flashback)
  • S3, E07: "Dark Hollow"
  • S3, E10: "The New Neverland"
  • S3, E11: "Going Home"
  • S3, E12: "New York City Serenade" (flashback)
  • S3, E13: "Witch Hunt" (flashback)
  • S3, E19: "A Curious Thing" (flashback)
  • S3, E22: "There's No Place Like Home"

  • S4, E10: "Shattered Sight"
  • S4, E21: "Operation Mongoose, Part One"
  • S4, E22: "Operation Mongoose, Part Two"

  • S5, E02: "The Price"
  • S5, E03: "Siege Perilous"
  • S5, E05: "Dreamcatcher"
  • S5, E09: "The Bear King" (flashback)
  • S5, E11: "Swan Song"
  • S5, E12: "Souls of the Departed" (flashback)