Camelot is a realm featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time.



  • Camelot is based on the legendary kingdom of the same name from Arthurian Legend.


  • S5, E01: "The Dark Swan"
  • S5, E02: "The Price" (flashback)
  • S5, E03: "Siege Perilous" (flashback)
  • S5, E04: "The Broken Kingdom" (flashback)
  • S5, E05: "Dreamcatcher" (flashback)
  • S5, E06: "The Bear and the Bow" (flashback)
  • S5, E07: "Nimue" (flashback)
  • S5, E08: "Birth" (flashback)
  • S5, E09: "The Bear King" (flashback)
  • S5, E10: "Broken Heart" (flashback)

  • Bk 3: "Out Of The Past" - Tea Party In March

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