"You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man!"David Nolan

Captain charming


"CaptainCharming" is the fan-dubbed name of the Killian Jones/David Nolan ship on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Ship Info

  • Hook met Charming in the Enchanted Forest (via time travel), but Charming didn't meet Hook until Storybrooke.
  • Hook is married to Emma Swan, who is David's daughter.
  • David disapproves of Hook at first, but comes to accept him as part of the family.
  • David and Hook have lots of banter, especially on Neverland.
    • It can be vaguely misinterpreted as flirting.


  • CaptainCharming is a non-canon ship.
    • Hook is in a relationship with Emma, and David is married to Snow.
  • Killian is based on Captain Hook from 'Peter Pan' and David is based on Prince Charming from 'Snow White', hence; Captain(Hook)(Prince)Charming.