The Chipped Cup is an item on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Once just a chipped cup, it eventually became a symbol of the love between Rumplestiltskin and Belle.



  • The chipped cup is based on Chip from Beauty and the Beast.
  • When Belle had amnesia, she shattered the cup against a wall. However, Rumplestiltskin managed to reconstruct it. Despite this, however, Rumple found himself breaking the cup to cut through his restraints. The chipped cup now exists in the Underworld.


  • S1, E12: "Skin Deep"

  • S2, E01: "Broken"
  • S2, E12: "In the Name of the Brother"
  • S2, E22: "And Straight On 'Til Morning"

  • S3, E07: "Dark Hollow"

  • S4, E11: "Heroes and Villains"

  • S5, E05: "Dreamcatcher"
  • S5, E06: "The Bear and the Bow"
  • S5, E12: "Souls of the Departed"
  • S5, E14: "Devil's Due"
  • S5, E20: "Firebird"

  • S6, E01: "The Savior" (dream)

  • S7, E04: "Beauty"
  • S7, E10: "The Eighth Witch" (flashback)
  • S7, E15: "Sisterhood"