The Clock of Evermore is a magical object that appears on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It has the ability to manipulate time, and is possessed by the March Hare.



Jefferson goes to Wonderland and attempts to steal the Clock from the March Hare, although he is caught. The March Hare then forcibly makes Jefferson endure a tea party with him, using the Clock to rewind time to create a never-ending tea party. However, the March Hare eventually stops it and leaves Jefferson, although Priscilla helps Jefferson escape.


  • The Clock of Evermore being used by the March Hare in a tea party with Jefferson, who would later become the Mad Hatter, is a reference to time being frozen at the Hare and the Hatter's tea party in the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


  • Bk 5: "Out Of The Past" - Tea Party In March