Cupid is a character mentioned on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is the deity of love, who owned an arrow that could take someone to the person they love the most.



Regina Mills and her father travel to the statue of Cupid, where the enchanted arrow lies. Cupid's statue is in a forest filled with bright pink flowers, which Regina use to create a potion that changes the arrow's spell so that it will track down the person that Regina hates the most.


  • Cupid is based on the god of desire from
    Greek Mythology.
  • Hartarcher

    Hart Archer on Good Morning Storybrooke.

    One of the hosts on Good Morning Storybrooke is named Hart Archer. He alludes to Cupid, and is portrayed by Paul Scheer.


  • S6, E14: "Page Twenty-Three" (statue)

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