Dalmatians are a species of dog featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Known Dalmatians

  • Pongo - a Dalmatian in Storybrooke owned by Archie Hopper, briefly controlled by Cruella De Vil
  • Madeline De Vil's Dalmatians - used to keep Cruella inside the house, Cruella later turned them against their owner and killed Madeline, before Cruella slaughtered and skinned them to make a fur coat


  • S1, E01: "Pilot"
  • S1, E02: "The Thing You Love Most"
  • S1, E05: "That Still Small Voice"
  • S1, E13: "What Happened to Frederick"

  • S2, E10: "The Cricket Game"
  • S2, E11: "The Outsider"
  • S2, E17: "Welcome to Storybrooke" (flashback)

  • S4, E18: "Sympathy For The De Vil"

  • S6, E01: "The Savior"
  • S6, E05: "Street Rats"

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