Drizella Tremaine is a character on Once Upon a Time. In Hyperion Heights, she goes by the name Ivy Belfrey. Drizella is portrayed by Adelaide Kane. Her gallery is here.



Before going to the royal ball, Drizella and her mother Lady Tremaine confront Cinderella's fairy godmother, before Lady Tremaine kills the fairy with her own wand. At the royal ball, Drizella attempts to ingratiate herself with the Prince so that he will marry her. The Prince rejects Drizella, although his younger brother takes a shine to her, prompting Lady Tremaine to murder the Prince so his brother gets the throne. When Henry is caught helping Cinderella escape, Lady Tremaine has him captured and orders Drizella to kill him. Before Drizella can carry out the murder, however, she is magically thrown across the room by Henry's mother Regina.

Season 7

Ivy Belfrey is an assistant at Belfrey Towers, working for her mother Victoria Belfrey. When Victoria arrives, asking why Lucy has not shown up. Ivy says that she has been trying, but Victoria tells her to stop trying and start succeeding. She eventually finds Lucy, and gives Lucy's storybook to Rogers.


  • She is a different iteration of one of Cinderella's stepsisters from the fairytale Cinderella.


  • S7, E01: "Hyperion Heights"
  • S7, E02: "A Pirate's Life"

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