The Duke of Weselton is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by Jonathon Runyon.



At a royal ball in Arendelle, the Duke dances with Helga, who falls in love with him. However, when the Duke finally meets Helga's sister Ingrid, he makes advances on her until Ingrid blasts him away with her magic. When Helga arrives, the Duke accuses Ingrid of making advances on him, but Helga doesn't believe him. The Duke goes on to say how much of a monster Ingrid is, due to her powers. This makes Ingrid angry enough for her magic to be triggered once again, and she blasts some more magic, although this time it accidentally hits Helga instead of the Duke. Helga collapses and dies, while the Duke flees the scene. Later, Ingrid and Helga's sister and the sole heir to the throne, Gerda, visits Grand Pabbie and asks him to make everyone in Arendelle, including the Duke, forget about Helga and Ingrid. He does, and the Duke's memories of them disappear.


  • None known (family)

Status: Alive


  • He is based on the Duke of Weselton from the Disney film Frozen, which is a rendition of the fairytale 'The Snow Queen'.
  • His title is mocked and mispronounced as the "Duke of Weaselton" quite often, to his anger.


  • S4, E07: "The Snow Queen" (flashback)