Elizabeth, also known as Lizard, is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She is portrayed by Lauren McKnight.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Lizard is a Collector, who works for the Caterpillar. However, she and Knave of Hearts are also old friends, and when they find out that Will is to be executed on orders of the Red Queen, they manage to rescue him, and they regroup at the Queen of Hearts' maze. Lizard is knocked unconscious while trying to save her friends. Some time later, after bathing herself in a river, she comes across a bottle. After opening it, it releases the Knave, who is now a genie. Lizard realizes that she is now the Knave's master, and gives the first wish to him, in which he wishes for cold beer for everyone. That night, the Knave discovers that Lizard has fallen for a guy, but she won't tell him who. She asks him what he looks for in a girl, to which the Knave describes a list of qualities. Lizard uses her second wish to make herself have all those qualities, and reveals that she has fallen for the Knave. However, since the Knave does not have a heart, he says that he cannot love her back. Lizard, upset, uses her third wish to make the Knave feel at least something for her. However, after using that wish, she collapses to the ground and dies, causing the Knave to feel sorrow and guilt before he is returned to his bottle. While going through town looking for the bottle, the Jabberwocky goes into Lizard's house, and finds her dead. She removes Lizard's eyes, and uses them to discover that the last person her eyes saw was the Red Queen.


  • None known (family)

Status: Deceased



  • W, E04: "The Serpent"
  • W, E09: "Nothing to Fear"
  • W, E10: "Dirty Little Secrets" (corpse)