Emmas car
Emma Swan's car is a vehicle featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It is a yellow bug that became Emma Swan's after she stole it.


Season 1

Emma and her son Henry drive to Storybrooke from Boston, in order to drop Henry off back to his adoptive mother Regina Mills' house. During Emma's stay in Storybrooke, the yellow bug remains there too.

Season 2

After the Dark Curse is broken, Emma still keeps the yellow bug.

Season 3

Emma and Henry manage to escape the second Dark Curse by driving out of Storybrooke in the yellow bug. However, when Hook arrives in New York, they all return to Storybrooke again.

Season 4

Emma nearly crashes her car on an icy trail left by Ingrid. She crashes her car again upon seeing a manifestation of Ingrid warning her not to deal with Rumplestiltskin. Emma and Regina use the car to drive out of Storybrooke in order to find Maleficent's daughter Lily.

Season 5

Even during her brief time as the Dark One, Emma kept her car. She also comes across a wrecked version when she ventures to the Underworld to save Hook.



  • The car is a 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle Type 1.
  • A charred, wrecked version of Emma's car is in the Underworld.