Regina execution
Execution is a custom featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. This method of punishment for someone who has performed unspeakable crimes or have been deemed unworthy to live exists in the Enchanted Forest, as well as Wonderland.


Enchanted Forest

In the Enchanted Forest, the monarchs of their respective kingdoms may carry out execution. The method of execution varies from kingdom to kingdom. In King George's kingdom, one of the methods of execution - if not the sole method - was beheading under the guillotine. In Snow White and Prince David's kingdom, when they nearly executed Regina, they prepared a line of archers who would simultaneously fire an arrow at her. This execution was interrupted. Denizens seen as disloyal in Regina's kingdom were also executed. Regina has been seen leading an execution herself, where she is the one who lights the fire beneath the prisoner's pyre.


Since many of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest now live in Storybrooke, some of their customs still remain. For instance, when George momentarily gains control over Storybrooke, he insists the execution of Ruby Lucas. David and Snow's family, including Rumplestiltskin, also prepare to have Peter Pan executed by Emma Swan via gunshot across the town border. This execution is not carried out, however, due to the complicated circumstances.


Wonderland also carries out executions, primarily via beheading. However, since the heads of decapitated people can still remain alive and conscious, this is not necessarily a lethal punishment. Both the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen carry out execution by having an executioner decapitate the prisoner.


  • The Enchanted Forest mirrors many customs related to Earth's medieval era, and therefore the methods of execution are similar to the ones carried out hundreds of years ago.