Gerhardt Frankenstein is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by Chad Michael Collins.



Season 2

After being fatally shot, Gerhardt's brother Viktor attempts to resurrect him using a scientific procedure that was still under experimental conditions. Viktor ventures to a realm called the Enchanted Forest, where there are hearts strong enough to withstand this procedure as it involves a large mass of electricity. After successfully gaining a heart from Rumplestiltskin and the Mad Hatter, Viktor returns to his land and inserts the enchanted heart into Gerhardt before redoing the procedure. It manages to bring Gerhardt back to life, but he does not seem himself. Sensitive to light and unable to speak, when Viktor presents Gerhardt to their father Alphonse, he berates Viktor and tells him that this is not Gerhardt. Alphonse begins pushing Viktor around accusingly, which causes Gerhardt to attack and kill their father. Realizing that he has created a monster, Viktor pulls out a gun on Gerhardt, but Gerhardt desperately wants Viktor to pull the trigger. However, Viktor cannot, vowing to fix him.


Status: Undead


  • He is based on Frankenstein's monster from the story Frankenstein.


  • S2, E05: "The Doctor" (flashback)
  • S2, E12: "In the Name of the Brother" (flashback)

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