OUAT 4x18 - Zelena Glamour Spell

Zelena uses the Six-Leaf Clover to disguise herself.

Glamours are the magical ability or spells featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which allows people to disguise their appearance.

Glamour is an illusion, and only affects the perception of people who see the glamoured person or object, as opposed to changing its actual form.

Known Methods

  • Magic - Skilled magic users have the ability to use glamours without the need of any magical item.
  • Six-Leaf Clover - This has a glamour spell built into it that can be activated by its wearer.

Known Users



  • A glamour spell is different than Shapeshifting, as glamours only give the appearance of something being transformed, while shape-shift physically reconstructs one item into another.