"GoldenQueen" is the fan-dubbed ship name of the Rumplestiltskin/Regina Mills and Rumplestiltskin/Evil Queen pairing on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Ship Info

  • Rumplestiltskin was once mentor and lover to Regina's mother Cora.
  • He later became mentor to Regina, and set her on her path to evil.
  • It was seen, and even noted by Regina, that she and Rumplestiltskin had a substantial amount of "chemistry" during their time as teacher and student.
  • Regina kept Rumple's true love Belle as a prisoner for no reason, other than to taunt Rumple and claim that Belle killed herself.
  • When Regina separated the evil from within her, it became its own entity known as the Evil Queen. After the Evil Queen infiltrates Storybrooke, she starts a relationship with Rumplestiltskin.


  • GoldenQueen is simultaneously a canon and non-canon ship.
    • Any romantic pairing with Rumplestiltskin and Regina is not canon.
    • Rumplestiltskin and the Evil Queen being together is canon.