Grendel is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He is portrayed by Steve Bacic.



After the death of his wife, Grendel steals the forget-me-knot, which allows him to see visions of his wife. However, the Red Queen - who Grendel had stolen from - finds Grendel and disfigures him horribly in retaliation. In the Enchanted Forest, Beowulf impersonates the Grendel to lure Rumplestiltskin to him.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Alice and Will Scarlet find themselves captured by Grendel, who holds them captive in his kitchen, with the intention of eating them. However, when a bandersnatch attacks and Will kills the ferocious beast, Grendel lets them leave out of gratitude and gives them the forget-me-knot. Later, Grendel is interrogated by the Red Queen and Jafar. When Grendel eventually reveals the information he knows, Jafar promises to reunite Grendel with his wife. Afterwards, Jafar slaughters Grendel, technically keeping his end of the bargain.


  • Unnamed female (deceased wife)

Status: Deceased


  • He is based on Grendel from the story Beowulf.


  • W, E03: "Forget Me Not"