Helga is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Sally Pressman, with her younger self portrayed by Bailey Herbert.



Helga and her sisters, Gerda and Ingrid, grow up with a tight sisterly bond. Helga and Gerda keep Ingrid's ice powers a secret, although when Ingrid wants to get rid of them, they go to Rumplestiltskin for help. Rumplestiltskin gives Ingrid a pair of gloves to conceal her magic, but also gives them an urn as a failsafe. The three sisters return to Arendelle. However, the Duke of Weselton - who is supposed to be engaged to Helga - starts making advances on Ingrid until she uses her magic to throw him several metres away. Helga arrives at the scene and the Duke claims that Ingrid tried to make advances on him, but Helga refuses to believe him. The Duke tries to verbally persecute Ingrid, making her angry enough to have an outburst of magic. However, Helga gets in the way accidentally and the magic hits her instead. Helga collapses before turning into ice and shattering. When Gerda finds out, she traps Ingrid inside the urn, before getting Grand Pabbie to remove everyone's memories of Ingrid and Helga.




Status: Deceased


  • Helga appears as an illustration in the Arendelle royal family tree, despite all memory of her disappearing.


  • S4, E06: "Family Business" (illustration)
  • S4, E07: "The Snow Queen" (flashback)
  • S4, E10: "Shattered Sight" (flashback)
  • S4, E11: "Heroes and Villains" (portrait)