Her Handsome Hero is a book featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Written and published in the Enchanted Forest, Her Handsome Hero is a story about a brave hero named Gideon who faced off against an evil sorcerer, as well as a monstrous spider.


  • Belle names her son, Gideon, after the story's protagonist.
  • It is Belle French's favorite book.


  • S1, E12: "Skin Deep" (flashback)

  • S4, E06: "Family Business" (flashback)

  • S5, E17: "Her Handsome Hero"
  • S5, E18: "Ruby Slippers"

  • S6, E03: "The Other Shoe"
  • S6, E09: "Changelings"
  • S6, E11: "Tougher Than The Rest" (flashback)
  • S6, E13: "Ill-Boding Patterns"
  • S6, E16: "Mother's Little Helper"
  • S6, E21: "The Final Battle Part One"
  • S6, E22: "The Final Battle Part Two"

  • S7, E18: "The Guardian"