Jacqueline, nicknamed Jack, is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Jack is renowned as one of the people who climbed the Beanstalk to the Giants' domain. She is portrayed by Cassidy Freeman.



Jack was one of the humans to climb up the Beanstalk and declare war against the Giants. Using her poisoned sword, Jack manages to kill many giants before one of the dying giants grabs Jack and skewers her with her own poisoned blade. Jack dies, but the battle at the Beanstalk becomes legendary throughout the Enchanted Forest. However due to her nickname, everyone believes that Jack was a man and that "he" was a hero.

Season 2

Whilst up in the Beanstalk, Captain Hook and Emma Swan eventually come across Jack's skeleton. Emma picks up Jack's poisoned sword and uses it to protect herself from the last remaining giant, Anton, when he attacks.


Status: Deceased



  • S2, E06: "Tallahassee" (corpse)
  • S2, E13: "Tiny" (flashback)