Princess Jasmine (Arabic:الياسمين), briefly known under the alias Shirin, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Karen David.



Jasmine was the princess of Agrabah, but when Jafar's control over her father results in Agrabah's degradation, she seeks out Aladdin to become the Savior of Agrabah. While Aladdin breaks Jafar's control over the Sultan, Jasmine decides not to go with Aladdin to defeat Jafar once and for all, and Aladdin becomes a quivering mess some time afterwards. When Jasmine refuses to marry Jafar, he threatens to destroy Agrabah, causing her to give him the diamond ring and submit to his demands. However, Jasmine finds out Jafar was bluffing - he never wanted to marry Jasmine, he just needed the ring because it fuelled Agrabah's protection spell. Jafar traps the entirety of Agrabah inside the ring. Jasmine, having failed her kingdom, flees to the Land of Untold Stories.

Season 6

In Storybrooke, Jasmine goes under the alias "Shirin" and becomes the teacher's aide of Snow White. She later meets up with the Oracle, and Jasmine discusses how she needs to find Aladdin, who is allegedly in town. When the Oracle is killed, Jasmine is found nearby and interrogated by Emma Swan. When Jasmine reveals her identity, Emma helps her search for Aladdin. They find him, but he cannot save Agrabah, as he is not a Savior. When Aladdin becomes a genie, Jasmine is menaced by the Evil Queen, until Jasmine and Aladdin return to the Enchanted Forest. While searching for Agrabah, Jasmine and Aladdin are attacked by a kraken, until they are rescued by Captain Hook and the Nautilus' crew. The Nautilus is damaged by the kraken attack, so Jasmine, Aladdin and Hook go to Hangman's Island where they find out Ariel has the bottle of Jafar, who is now a genie. Defeating Jafar, Jasmine kisses Aladdin, freeing him from his genie curse, and freeing Agrabah from the ring. Jasmine and Aladdin briefly flee Agrabah into the Hat during the Black Curse, but return when all is restored.


Status: Alive


  • Jasmine is based on the princess from the story Aladdin.


  • S6, E04: "Strange Case"
  • S6, E05: "Street Rats"
  • S6, E06: "Dark Waters"
  • S6, E08: "I'll Be Your Mirror"
  • S6, E09: "Changelings"
  • S6, E10: "Wish You Were Here"
  • S6, E15: "A Wondrous Place"
  • S6, E21: "The Final Battle, Part One"
  • S6, E22: "The Final Battle, Part Two"