Jonathan is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by David de Lautour.



At the tavern that the miller's daughter, Cora, works at, he tricks her into thinking that he is a prince. He gives Cora a makeshift ring out of straw, telling her that he will eventually replace it with a gold ring. He and Cora then spend the night in each other's company, resulting in Cora getting pregnant. However, it is later revealed that Jonathan is just the royal gardener, who has no plans on marrying Cora, calling her a harlot. Cora clings to him and calls to the royal guards for help, but Jonathan pushes her over and flees. Later, after Cora meets the real prince, Prince Leopold, and becomes engaged to him, Jonathan confronts Cora and asks her if the prince knows about their baby. He says that if Cora gives him enough gold and jewels to live the rest of his life happily, then he in turn will keep Cora's pregnancy a secret. However, Princess Eva from another kingdom eavesdrops on this conversation and tells Prince Leopold, prompting him to have the guards throw Cora out of the castle. Leopold eventually marries Eva instead. Cora gives birth to the baby months later, but abandons her in the woods, where a tornado eventually takes the baby to Oz, who grows up to be the Wicked Witch of the West.


Status: Unknown


  • At the tavern, he makes a piece of straw into a circle and gives it to Cora as a ring, promising to turn it into a gold one, as in replace it with a gold ring. This is either a reference to Cora's later ability to spin straw into gold, or it could be what gave Cora the idea of telling King Xavier later on.


  • S3, E18: "Bleeding Through" (flashback)