Kurt Flynn is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson.  



Eight months after the death of his wife, Kurt takes his son Owen camping out in the woods. Owen makes a lanyard keychain, but they quickly retreat to their tent when some kind of storm suddenly strikes their campfire. The next morning, Kurt and Owen emerge from their tent, to find that a tree had fallen on their car. They begin walking, when they quickly stumble across a town that was not there yesterday, Storybrooke. Kurt and Owen are greeted by the town sheriff, Graham, and at first they are considered unwanted outsiders by the mayor of Storybrooke, Regina Mills, until Regina takes a shine to Owen and invites them to dinner at her house. Regina eventually brings up the possibility of Kurt and Owen living in Storybrooke. However, Kurt politely declines this suggestion, stating that their home is back in New Jersey. Regina, wanting Owen to stay, uses Graham's disembodied heart and orders Graham to arrest Kurt for driving under the influence of alcohol, before telling him to bring Owen to her. Kurt overhears this, and gets in his car - which had been repaired by the Storybrooke mechanic Billy - and drives away with Owen, wanting to get out of Storybrooke. However, they are chased down by Graham and Regina and cut off before they can cross the town line. Graham arrests Kurt, who pleads for Owen to run and escape. Owen does not want to leave his father, but eventually runs away.

Season 2

Owen eventually returns to Storybrooke as an adult, under the name Greg Mendell. He and his partner Tamara kidnap Regina, and Greg tortures Regina, demanding to know the whereabouts of his father. Regina eventually reveals that she killed Kurt shortly after Greg/Owen escaped, and buried him at their campsite. Greg checks this, and discovers the remains of his father. Distraught, Greg reburies what is left of his father.


Status: Deceased


  • Kurt refers to New Jersey as the "home of the boss", with "The Boss" referring to musician and singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, who was born in New Jersey and is known as "The Boss".


  • S2, E17: "Welcome to Storybrooke" (flashback)
  • S2, E21: "Second Star to the Right" (corpse)

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