Madeline De Vil is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Anna Galvin.



In 1920's England, Madeline's husband dies of a heart attack. When she tried to comfort her daughter, Cruella, she saw her smiling and soon she finds out Cruella killed her father by putting a poisonous flower in his tea. Cruella was a troubled child and her parents had hoped she would grow out of her disturbing behavior. But after Cruella murders her father, her mother fears that Cruella's murderous tendencies will get worse and will become a full fledged serial killer. Not wanting anyone else to get hurt or killed by Cruella and not wanting her daughter to go to prison, Madeline had no choice but to lock her Cruella away from the outside world and keep her close to try to snap Cruella out of her disturbed mind.

In addition she had two Dalmation dogs intimidate Cruella so she wouldn't try to murder anyone and can smell her ill intentions and her scent so Madeline would know where she has been and keep track of her.

However Madeline's intentions were in vain as Cruella ended up poisoning her next two husbands, and soon Cruella meets a writer named Isaac who fell in love with her.Terrified that Isaac will set her daughter free and start killing more people, Madeline warns Issac to stay away from her, then she goes on to tell him the story of how Cruella killed her father and two other husbands and how she can never be saved, while Isaac doesn't believe her, Madeline tells Isaac that Cruella takes everything someone loves and destroys it and tells him to stay away from her or he will suffer the same fate as her two husbands and lose all he holds dear.

Isaac eventually discovers Cruella in the attic and sets her free, but Cruella shows her true colors when she eventually steals Isaac's magic pen and, with her new found ability to control animals, turns Madeline's pet Dalmatians against her and they end up killing her. Cruella ends up slaughtering the Dalmatians and turning them into a new fur coat.


Status: Deceased



  • S4, E18: "Sympathy For The De Vil" (flashback)

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