This is a list of Maleficent's statuses and blogs on Storybrooke Live.


Enchanted Forest

The Prince

What a day. Today, a charming prince walked into my castle holding a golden egg and called me a beast. While this isn't the first noble (and stupid) prince I have faced recently, this one sparked my interest. I decided to give him a taste of my powers, but my prey escaped before I got the chance to roast him. Whatever that egg is, I am glad that my human form and my dragon form are separate forms. I don't think I'd like to lay a golden egg.

The Queen

Regina paid me a visit today. She didn't look too happy, considering her step-daughter had defeated her multiple times and was now living her life happily married. It turns out she didn't just rock up to say hello, she wanted the Dark Curse. Naturally, I declined, as I just wanted to stay and live out the rest of my days in my castle here, in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, Regina wouldn't take "no" for an answer and ended up threatening my poor pet, before striding away with the Curse. She exploited my love for my pet as a weakness. I don't blame her of course. She's just jealous because nobody loves her.

To The Thieves Who Took From Me...

Keep the gold if you must - it is nothing more than offal from the bowels of the earth. However, return the other treasure you have stolen. For while its power is alluring, it shall bring you nothing but misery!

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