March Hare
The March Hare is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is a resident of Wonderland, and is rumored to be crazier than the Red Queen.



Jefferson travels to Wonderland in order to steal the Clock of Evermore, which has the ability to manipulate time. However, he is discovered and captured, and Jefferson is forced to have a tea-party which continues on for a long time, due to the March Hare using the Clock. Eventually, the March Hare leaves Jefferson to go for a hunt, which allows Jefferson to be rescued by his wife Priscilla. However, Priscilla is killed by one of the March Hare's guards, and Jefferson is forced to leave her behind as he escapes back to the Enchanted Forest.


  • None known (family)

Status: Alive



  • Bk 3: "Out Of The Past" - Tea Party In March

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