Sir Mordred is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by James Marsters.



Mordred was once a Knight of the Round Table until he betrayed King Arthur and briefly usurped the throne of Camelot. Arthur ended up killing Mordred for his treason and reclaiming the throne.

Season 5

In the Underworld, Mordred works as a bartender and meets Cruella De Vil. They discuss how King Arthur is now the ruler of the Underworld - having usurped Cruella herself - and Cruella asks Mordred if she can skin him, although Mordred declines Cruella's request. Mordred suggests that they usurp Arthur, although Cruella becomes unenthused when she hears that Mordred usurping Arthur is what got him killed in the first place. Mordred then suggests that the pair of them simply repent and move on to Mount Olympus, although Cruella would rather stay in the Underworld. Mordred points out that Cruella makes the minor villains look good.


  • None known (family)

Status: Deceased


  • He is based on Sir Mordred from Arthurian Legend.
  • When Cruella expresses distaste towards Mordred's name for having "dread" in it, Mordred points out that Cruella's name begins with "cruel".


  • S5, DVD: "A Knight With Cruella"

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