The Musical Spell is a spell cast upon Snow White's wish that made everyone in the Enchanted Forest (and Oz) briefly burst into song to express their emotions.

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  • The spell ended when Regina stole everyone's singing voices, similarly to how Ursula's was.
    • However, the spell remained in Emma's heart and was freed when she faced Fiona.
  • It is unknown whether the spell reached every realm, as it surpassed the Enchanted Forest and hit Oz.
  • Rumplestiltskin is immune to this spell, as "the Dark One doesn't sing".
  • The spell created eight songs, sung by different people:
    1. Powerful Magic – sung by Snow White and David Nolan
    2. The Queen Sings – sung by Queen Regina Mills, as well as the Magic Mirror, Granny, Geppetto, the Dwarves, Snow and David
    3. Love Doesn't Stand a Chance – sung by Regina
    4. Revenge is Gonna Be Mine – sung by Killian Jones and Smee
    5. Wicked Always Wins – sung by Zelena Mills
    6. Charmings vs the Evil Queen – sung by Snow, David and Regina
    7. Emma's Theme – sung by Emma Swan
    8. A Happy Beginning – sung by Emma, Killian, Regina, Zelena, Henry, Snow, David and everyone else


  • S6, E20: "The Song in Your Heart"