Nova is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is a fairy, who became a nun named Astrid in Storybrooke during the first Dark Curse. She is portrayed by Amy Acker.



As a fairy in the Enchanted Forest, Nova aspired to become a fairy godmother, until she met and fell in love with a dwarf named Dreamy. However, their love was forbidden, since neither fairies nor dwarves are supposed to indulge themselves in relationships. Ultimately, Nova chooses to break off her love for Dreamy and do her duties.

Season 1

Astrid is a nun in Storybrooke, and is just as clumsy and ditzy as her fairy counterpart. However, she and Leroy (Dreamy's alias in Storybrooke) meet and work together for the Miner's Day festival to raise money.


Status: Alive


  • She shares her Storybrooke name, Astrid, with one of Anna and Elsa's ancestors.
  • As shown in Good Morning Storybrooke, she ultimately rejects Leroy's love for the sake of her job.


  • S1, E14: "Dreamy"