"OutlawQueen" is the fan-dubbed name of the Regina Mills/Robin Hood ship on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Ship Info

  • According to the pixie dust that Tinker Bell used, Regina and Robin are true love, although they haven't had True Love's Kiss together yet.
  • They met in the Enchanted Forest after Robin saves Regina from a flying monkey.
  • They meet again in Storybrooke during the third curse, where Regina discovers that Robin is her fated true love. Although scared at first, Regina eventually succumbs to her feelings, with her and Robin becoming in a relationship.
  • Their relationship becomes strained with the apparent return of Marian, Robin's wife who he believed was dead. However, it is later discovered Marian is actually Regina's sister Zelena in disguise.
  • Eventually, their relationship ended when Robin Hood was destroyed by Hades.


  • OutlawQueen was (is?) a canon ship.
  • Regina is based on the queen from Snow White and Robin is based on the outlaw from Robin Hood; hence the name of the ship.