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Zelena's life force is bound to her amulet.

Phylactery is when someone's life force is bound to an enchanted object in order to keep themselves indestructible.


  • Nimue/The Darkness – Nimue's life force is tethered to the Dark One's Dagger after she becomes the first Dark One.
    • Rumplestiltskin – As the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin is currently immortal due to the Darkness inside him being tethered to the Dagger.
  • Zelena Mills – Zelena bound her magic and her life force to her pendant, meaning that she is dies, she is respawned from the pendant's magic.
  • Glinda – As Glinda has a similar pendant to Zelena's, it can be assumed her life force is also bound to hers.


  • In many cultures, anyone who practices phylactery to become immortal is known as a "lich".

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