Mills dynasty
The Rise of the Mills Dynasty is an event on ABC's Once Upon a Time.



  • After proving her ability to spin straw into gold, Cora rises in status and power from a miller's daughter to a prince's bride.
  • While engaged, Cora has an affair with her mentor, the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin.
    • They initially plan on eloping together, but Cora's mind is changed by Xavier.
  • Cora rips out her own heart to rid herself of the love she feels for Rumplestiltskin and betrays him, staying with the royals and eventually marrying Prince Henry.
  • However, the Mills dynasty is threatened, as Cora, Henry and Regina do not become the kingdom's rulers for reasons unknown.


Skirmish at the Jolly RogerRise of the Mills DynastyInvasion of the Beanstalk


  • S2, E16: "The Miller's Daughter" (flashback)

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