JR skirmish
The Skirmish at the Jolly Roger is an event on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Rumplestiltskin's Faction

Pirates' Faction



  • The duel between Rumplestiltskin and Killian results in Killian's near demise until Milah intervenes.
  • Back on the ship, Killian and Milah's transferrence of the magic bean to Rumplestiltskin goes awry when he pressures Milah into saying she never loved him, resulting in Milah's death.
  • To steal the magic bean, Rumple chops off Killian's hand, starting the war between Captain Hook and "crocodile". It also causes Hook to travel to Neverland to seek revenge on Rumplestiltskin.


First Ogres' WarSkirmish at the Jolly RogerRise of the Mills Dynasty


  • S2, E04: "The Crocodile" (flashback)

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