"Snowing" is the fan-dubbed name for the Snow White/Prince Charming ship on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Ship Info

  • They met in the Enchanted Forest while Snow was a bandit.
  • Eventually, after overthrowing their tyrannical step-parents, Snow and Charming get married and have a daughter together, named Emma.
  • When Snow White is placed under a Sleeping Curse, Charming awakens her with true love's kiss, showing that what they have is true love. Later, when Charming is under a Sleeping Curse, Snow awakens him with true love's kiss as well. They are currently both under a Sleeping Curse, inflicted upon by the Evil Queen.
  • In Storybrooke they have a second child together, a son named Neal.


  • Snowing is a canon ship.
  • Snow and Charming's relationship is based on the prince and princess from 'Snow White'.
  • They are married and have a son and a daughter.