The Sorcerer's Hat is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Created by a powerful Sorcerer, the Hat has the ability to suck people into it and use the magic to make the user powerful. The Sorcerer had put an enchantment on it to make sure anyone under the Dark One's Curse wouldn't be

The Hat's locked form.

able to obtain it, until Rumplestiltskin manages to do exactly that.





  • S1, E12: "Skin Deep" (flashback)

  • S4, E01: "A Tale of Two Sisters"
  • S4, E04: "The Apprentice"
  • S4, E06: "Family Business"
  • S4, E08: "Smash the Mirror"
  • S4, E09: "Fall"
  • S4, E10: "Shattered Sight"
  • S4, E11: "Heroes and Villains"
  • S4, E12: "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
  • S4, E21: "Operation Mongoose, Part One"
  • S4, E22: "Operation Mongoose, Part Two"

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