Spinning Wheels are magical items on ABC's Once Upon a Time. When utilized by wielders of magic, they have been known to spin gold.

Known Users

Cursed via Spinning Wheel


  • There is a spinning wheel present by Aurora when she is under the Sleeping Curse. Interestingly, she wasn't put down by a spinning wheel but her mother Briar Rose may have been cursed this way.


  • S1, E05: "That Still, Small Voice"
  • S1, E08: "Desperate Souls"
  • S1, E12: "Skin Deep"
  • S1, E19: "The Return"

  • S2, E01: "Broken"
  • S2, E04: "The Crocodile"
  • S2, E05: "The Doctor"
  • S2, E08: "Into the Deep"
  • S2, E09: "Queen of Hearts"
  • S2, E16: "The Miller's Daughter"
  • S2, E19: "Lacey"

  • S3, E02: "Lost Girl"
  • S3, E08: "Think Lovely Thoughts"
  • S3, E11: "Going Home"
  • S3, E14: "The Tower"
  • S3, E15: "Quiet Minds"
  • S3, E16: "It's Not Easy Being Green"
  • S3, E18: "Bleeding Through"
  • S3, E19: "A Curious Thing"
  • S3, E20: "Kansas"
  • S3, E21: "Snow Drifts"

  • S4, E04: "The Apprentice"
  • S4, E07: "The Snow Queen"
  • S4, E11: "Heroes and Villains"

  • S5, E12: "Souls of the Departed"
  • S5, E14: "Devil's Due"
  • S5, E16: "Our Decay"
  • S5, E17: "Her Handsome Hero"
  • S5, E20: "Firebird"

  • S6, E01: "The Savior"
  • S6, E08: "I'll Be Your Mirror"
  • S6, E12: "Murder Most Foul"
  • S6, E13: "Ill-Boding Patterns"

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