The Storybrooke Town Line is a location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It is the boundary that separates Storybrooke from the rest of the real world.



  • Under the first Dark Curse, nobody was able to cross the town line except Emma, Henry and Regina. Anyone who tried to exit Storybrooke would somehow find themselves unable to, e.g. their car would break down before they could drive over the town line.
  • When magic was introduced to Storybrooke, anybody who crossed the town line would lose their memories. Only a memory-preserving potion would permit one to cross the town line.
  • Under the second Dark Curse, anybody who tried to cross the town line would be attacked by Flying Monkeys and turned into one of their kind.
    • This was not an effect of the curse, but a provision set by Zelena to ensure nobody escaped.
  • During Elsa's time in Storybrooke, a wall of ice rose from the town line, preventing anyone from leaving until she found her sister.
  • When Chernabog crossed the town line, he disintegrated due to the lack of magic outside.
  • Under the third Dark Curse, anybody who tried to cross the town line turned into a tree.
  • When the Evil Queen arrived in Storybrooke, she put a spell preventing anyone from crossing the line.