Sven is a character that is featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is Kristoff's pet reindeer, is portrayed by a reindeer named Jack, and is voiced by Mark Goldman.



Sven is invited to Anna and Kristoff's wedding, and is present when Kristoff and Anna's sister Elsa are discussing Anna's whereabouts. He is also present when Kristoff is spying on Hans' camp.


Status: Alive


  • Sven is based on the reindeer from the Disney film Frozen, an adaptation of the fairytale The Snow Queen.


  • S4, E01: "A Tale of Two Sisters" (flashback)
  • S4, E03: "Rocky Road" (flashback)
  • S4, E04: "The Apprentice" (flashback)
  • S4, E06: "Family Business" (flashback)

  • S6, E22: "The Final Battle, Part Two"

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