"SwanThief" (or sometimes "SwanFire") is the Emma Swan/Baelfire ship on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


  • Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy first met when they unwittingly stole the same car.
  • Eventually, they fell for each other, and became a romantic couple who worked together to steal things. However, when Emma is arrested for possessing Neal's stolen watches, he abandons her and she goes to prison.
    • This is because Pinocchio did not want Neal interfering in Emma's destiny.
  • During her prison time, Emma discovered she was pregnant with Neal's baby, but at birth, Emma gave her infant son away.
  • Emma and Neal meet again in Manhattan, as well as their son Henry, although Neal is engaged to Tamara.
    • When Tamara turns out to be an agent of Pan, Neal confesses that he loves Emma.
  • Emma loved Neal back until he was killed by the Wicked Witch of the West.


  • "SwanThief" was a canon ship, up until Neal's death. After that, "CaptainSwan" became canon.