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The Dragon is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is a mysterious healer who can transform into a dragon, and is portrayed by Tzi Ma. The Dragon's gallery is available here.



Season 2

The Dragon is visited by a woman named Tamara, who claims that she has cancer. He gives her a potion that will supposedly cure her cancer, and she gives him a photo of her with her grandmother. He is then visited by Pinocchio, who is desperately looking for a way to stop turning back into wood. The Dragon gives him a potion, and in return Pinocchio gives him a necklace from his father. However, Tamara eventually returns a few days later, revealing that she never had cancer and is in fact somebody who seeks to destroy magic, having searched for any trace of magic for years. When she threatens the Dragon, he begins levitating and exhaling smoke from his nose. However, Tamara pulls out a taser and seemingly electrocutes the Dragon to death.

Season 5

The Dragon, however, proves to be more resilient than Tamara had thought, as he returns alive and well when Rumplestiltskin and Regina Mills visit him. He refuses to help Rumplestiltskin, but aids Regina because she is fighting the evil within herself. Unfortunately, the Dragon is not powerful enough to open a portal to the Land of Untold Stories. Later, the Dragon is confronted by the Evil Queen, who promptly rips the Dragon's heart out.

Season 6

As a prisoner in the mirror realm thanks to the Evil Queen, the Dragon encounters Regina and Emma. The Dragon tries to help Regina and Emma escape this realm, but the Evil Queen - who still has the Dragon's heart in her possession - forces him into his dragon form which attacks the pair. However, Emma and Regina manage to escape the Dragon, and Henry takes the Dragon's heart from the Evil Queen, freeing him from her control.


  • Unknown female (daughter)

Status: Alive


  • The Dragon may possibly allude to Mushu from Mulan.
  • Similar to Maleficent, the Dragon is a sorcerer who can shapeshift into dragon form.
  • The Dragon is the only known person to be able to perform magic on Earth outside Storybrooke before the presence of the Olympian crystal.


  • S2, E18: "Selfless, Brave and True" (flashback)

  • S5, E23: "An Untold Story"

  • S6, E08: "I'll Be Your Mirror"