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Tiger Lily is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Sara Tomko.



As a fairy, Tiger Lily tries to steer the Black Fairy away from darkness. When she fails, however, Tiger Lily leaves behind her wings and wand, fleeing to Neverland.

Season 6

After Pan's death, the Lost Boys seek revenge on Captain Hook and chase him down, only for Hook to be saved from their wrath by Tiger Lily, who knocks them all out with her poison darts. Tiger Lily explains to Hook that she has a piece of wand that can defeat the Black Fairy, which she gives to Hook, who returns to Storybrooke when the Savior, Emma Swan, finds a way for Hook to come home.


Status: Alive


  • She is based on Tiger Lily from the story Peter Pan.


  • S6, E17: "Awake"

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