Time-Travel is the act of magically travelling from one point of time to another, featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Time-Travelling Spell

Four ingredients are required to active a time-travel portal allowing one to enter a different time period:

  • A resilient heart
  • A symbol of innocence (i.e. a baby)
  • A symbol of courage
  • A brain

Known Time-Travellers

  • Zelena Mills – the only known person to decipher the laws of time-travel. Although she originally intended to go back in time and change her own past, Zelena opts for murdering Maid Marian and impersonating her so she is brought back to the present. For the ingredients, Zelena uses Regina's heart, Rumplestiltskin's brain, Prince David's broken sword, as well as Snow and David's infant son Neal.
  • Emma Swan – accidentally gets sucked into the time-travel portal to the Enchanted Forest of the past.
  • Killian Jones – follows Emma into the portal in an attempt to save her.



  • S3, E20: "Kansas"
  • S3, E21: "Snow Drifts"
  • S3, E22: "There's No Place Like Home"

  • S4, E17: "Heart Of Gold" (flashback)

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