Tisbe Tremaine is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Goldie Hoffman.



Tisbe is the daughter of Lady Tremaine and one of Cinderella's cruel stepsisters. When they go to the royal ball, they leave Cinderella behind.

At the ball, Tisbe is with Clorinda in the crowd of party-goers, while Cinderella slips past the pair without them noticing. At some point during the evening, Tisbe meets a duke.[1]

Season 1

Ruby mentions that Cinderella does not speak to Tisbe or any of her stepfamily.

Season 6

Tisbe's family eventually show up in Storybrooke, albeit without Tisbe being there herself.


Status: Alive


  • She is based on one of the stepsisters from Cinderella.
  • After the first Dark Curse is broken, someone is looking for a similarly-named "Thisbe", as well as someone named Pyramus. Although this is unlikely to have been Tisbe due to the different spelling.


  • S1, E04: "The Price of Gold" (flashback)

  • S6, E03: "The Other Shoe" (flashback)


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