Unicorns are creatures featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They appear to be horses, with horns on their heads, and live in the Enchanted Forest.


  • Touching a unicorn's horn will give one the ability to glimpse into their child's future. Snow White and Prince David do this in order to find out what their daughter will be like. However, they have different visions.
  • Maleficent once owned a unicorn, and Regina Mills threatened it in order to force Maleficent into handing over the Dark Curse.
  • During their training, Rumplestiltskin ordered Regina to rip a unicorn's heart out. However, she refused to, as the unicorn was innocent.


  • They are based on the legendary and well-known creatures from various stories and mythology.
  • Unicorns may have black fur with a black horn, or white fur with a white horn.
  • Emma's glass crib mobile was unicorns, which later ended up in Rumplestiltskin's pawnshop.


  • S1, E02: "The Thing You Love Most" (flashback)

  • S2, E05: "The Doctor" (flashback)

  • S3, E20: "Kansas" (flashback)

  • S4, E16: "Best Laid Plans" (flashback)