This article is about the sea goddess. For the sea witch, see here.

Ursula, known as the Sea Goddess of Old, is a deity featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She grants mermaids the ability to walk on human legs and is worshipped openly by Prince Eric's kingdom. She is voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown.



As a deity who has been alive for a thousand years, nobody in the Enchanted Forest had reportedly seen her in a long time. Regina impersonates Ursula in order to trick Ariel into turning Snow White into a mermaid. Later, in her palace, Regina - who believes that Ursula is nothing more than a "long-dead octopus" - is confronted by what appears to be the statue of Ursula in the mirror. The statue comes to life and wraps her tentacles around her, saying that if she ever pretends to be Ursula again, Regina will find out how real she can be.

Season 3

Ursula's image is seen on the clasp of Eric's cape when Ariel and Captain Hook search for the prince.


  • None known (family) 

Status: Alive 


  • The former mermaid and current sea-witch Ursula was named after the sea deity of the same name.


  • S3, E06: "Ariel" (flashback) 
  • S3, E17: "The Jolly Roger" (illustration) 

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