"WoodenSwan" is the fan-dubbed name of the Emma Swan/Pinocchio ship on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


  • Emma and Pinocchio have known each other since childhood, when both of them escaped the Dark Curse. Emma was an infant and Pinocchio was just a boy.
  • They were taken into an orphanage, but Pinocchio left Emma to go exploring the world. However, Pinocchio kept tabs on Emma and they met again briefly when he was a teenager.
  • Under the name "August Booth", Pinocchio goes to Storybrooke to convince Emma to believe in magic and break the Dark Curse, as he is slowly turning back into wood for not being selfless, brave and true.


  • "WoodenSwan" is non-canon; Emma is in a romantic relationship with Killian.
    • Killian has expressed concern at the nature of Emma and Pinocchio's relationship. However, Emma has adamantly explained that the relationship between her and Pinocchio is more brother-sister love.
  • The ship name is comprised of (Emma) Swan/Wooden (Pinocchio).
    • Pinocchio was once a puppet made from enchanted wood.
  • Emma is the daughter of Snow White and the prince from Snow White, and alludes to the swan from The Ugly Duckling. Pinocchio is based on the wooden puppet of the same name from Pinocchio.